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How to create a list with values coming from the database?
Posted by Novalys Support on 28 August 2018 02:03 PM

You can build dynamically list of value - called "restricted string" in AscentialTest - with data coming from the database.

Note : these values can also come from other data source.

  • In the case of a list composed of values coming from the database, for instance a list of customers, AscentialTest can manipulate the value that will be selected at runtime in various ways.

    For instance, you need to find the ID of the invoices related to a particular customer selected with a list: you can create a selector based on customer last name – plus maybe another selector based customer last name, find the rows where this customer is mentioned, and get the invoice ID for each row. Please refer to AscentialTest documentation to learn more about creating and manipulating selectors.
  • In the case of a list composed of values that are not coming from the database, but rather defined with the application object. 
    It is possible that running the application and capturing a snapshot at design time does not show all possible values.
    For example they may depend on user access rights, or they may change depending on the value of another field.

    • To address such cases, AscentialTest is constantly scanning the application at runtime, and can automatically capture more values to enrich the list.
      These values will be stored in AT repository and made available for testers managing the tests.

    • Of course, you can also edit manually the "restricted string" created automatically by AscentialTest with a snapshot.

  • Sometimes, objects that are not visible at design time. For instance some fields that become visible if you select a certain value in another field, or some objects may appear depending on the result of a business rule, and you cannot simulate the same result at design time. In this case, you can reference in a test the objects that will be there at runtime but are not present at design time. When running the test, AscentialTest will find them and execute the corresponding tests actions.
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