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Can I use AscentialTest for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) ?
Posted by Novalys Support on 28 August 2018 03:34 PM

Yes. You can use AscentialTest for Robotic Process Automation.

Below are some real-life examples of AscentialTest users:

  • Some customers use it to populate test databases, destroyed after each test.

  • Other companies uses it to automate routine tasks.

  • A college uses it to put together automatically a list of courses in a catalog.

  • Another organization uses AscentialTest as a robot to setup accounts and perform a variety of financial transactions, based on pre-configured dataset.
    They setup test data in the database which is in turn used to test various functionalities.
    They run Legacy systems, where there is no systematic way of entering test data and AscentialTest replaces the manual work they used to do before.

  • Another company is not testing software at all.
    They run a third-party contact management application and use AscentialTest to get their data into the database, so that they don't have to enter it manually.

  • etc.
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