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How to minimize test maintenance efforts?
Posted by Novalys Support on 28 August 2018 07:02 PM

Most testing tool vendors don’t like to talk about it because it muddies the clear waters of record/playback,
and other ‘ease of use’ features that are often presented as silver bullets in the field of Software Quality Assurance.

Test automation is supposed to reduce costs while increasing efficiency in a test organization,
but test maintenance can quickly erode the return on investment
if the tool cannot ensure that tests can be modified quickly and easily as the application changes.

After all, if the applications were static, there would be no need for automated testing!

AscentialTest embraces this issue as the centerpiece of its merits.

The attached file highlights the AscentialTest features that will drastically reduce your test maintenance efforts.

 minimizing test maintenance with ascentialtest.pdf (292.53 KB)
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