AT Enterprise license - Requirements & installation guides
Posted by Carmina Garcia on 02 April 2019 11:47 AM
1. System Requirements
AscentialTest Enterprise components do not have a large footprint for disk space or memory.
System requirements will depend on factors such as:
  •     how many concurrent AscentialTest users
  •     how many tests
  •     will the tests be including a lot of image comparison
We recommend a server class machine for the Enterprise components but for small installations (3 or less concurrent users) it is not an absolute requirement.
2. Installation and configuration guides
Please check the attached documents to get more information about the installation and configuration of AscentialTest Enterprise features.

 ascentialtest portal installation guide.pdf (199.05 KB)
 ascentialtest license setup.pdf (29.30 KB)
 ascentialtest enterprise features setup.pdf (104.79 KB)
 ascentialtest enterprise features description.pdf (69.65 KB)
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