How to manage several projects in parallel?
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- We have several projects running in parallel. Several developers work on these projects. How does VG handle this?
We have different requirements, how do we do?

VG win console is installed on the desktop of each developers working on the security.
Developer 1 will create the repository A (stored in Oracle DBMS, SQL server DBMS or encrypted files).
Let’s say Developer 2 also needs to work on repository A.

Developers 1 and 2 can work simultaneously on the same repository.
Each one will connect to repository A.

If developers 1 and 2 work on a same permission and modify it the first modification will be taken into account.
The 2nd developer will get a message to warn his permission cannot be taken into account.
With F5 you can refresh VG console and see the updated security information.

If Developers 1 and 2 have different requirements, for example because one is working for association X and the other one association Y, there are different ways to manage it.

- Could each developer have a local Repository for the unit testing?

Indeed, developer can have local repositories for unit testing.

There are many possible combinations when it comes to VG repositories.
You would choose the one corresponding to your internal organization.

Here are some indications:

VG is designed to work with several repositories corresponding to development life cycles.
By default, you would have:
A development repository in which you declare the security data related to your application
(applications, permissions, permissions sets, roles).
A testing repository in which you deploy these security data in order to test the application
A production repository, in which you deploy the testing repository.
Administrators will then define user accounts and grant them roles.
If needed, administrators can define roles in the production repositories.
Whenever the developer update its application,
he will also update the security data related to this application
and deploy these data to testing and production repository
(The Visual Guard deployment wizard automates this procedure).

When you purchase a Visual Guard licence, you purchase a production repository.
Novalys delivers free development and testing repositories with a limited number of user accounts allowed.

As long as you follow the deployment process (dev>test>prod), you could have:
Developer A in charge of application 1 using a local development repository X
Developer B in charge of application 2 using a local development repository Y
The security data of Applications 1 & 2 would be deployed in a shared testing repository Z, then into a production repository.
At any time, dev A and B can update Application 1 & 2 and deploy their data in shared testing & production repositories

Visual Guard .NET - Version 2.8.812.19

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