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SQL-membership and sqlroleproviders vs VG response time
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 24 August 2010 05:01 PM

We would like to authenticate and authorize users in a WPF application and in our WCF layer.
The WCF layer is hosted on IIS and can have direct access to the sql-server.
What is the performance of Visual Guard who uses reflection compared to using the built in SQL-membership and sqlroleproviders in .Net.

It's hard to compare, since these 2 solutions operate on 2 completely parts of an application:

SQL-membership and sqlroleproviders manage roles and permissions on DataBase objects, whereas Visual Guard manages permissions and roles on the front-end and the business logic (WPF and WCF).
The only answer we have to this question is that when the application comes to production, you should not notice any significant response-time due to Visual Guard.
In case of mission-critical application for which response-time is a very sensitive matter, we do recommend to build a prototype to validate this point in your own environment.

Visual Guard .NET - Version 2.8.812.19
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