Is it possible to prompt for pwd with windows authentication ?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 25 August 2010 05:54 PM

When using Windows authentication, is it possible to get it to prompt for the users password? What I've seen is it will auto fill the users network user id, but all they have to do is click OK. To me, that means anyone can walk up to a admin's workstation, open the app, click OK, and then can do whatever. Prompting for password would add a little bit more.

In Visual Guard .Net we offer the possibility to use Windows accounts stored in Active Directory to give the user the opportunity to have single sign on process.
The objective of single sing on is precisely to avoid the step of authentication. The user authenticates once when he enters his machine, and is never asked his credentials again.

If you prefer to have your users going through an authentication process anytime they enter an application, you can use the Authentication by Windows Credentials.

Visual Guard

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