how to give limited access to fields, files or folders?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 26 August 2010 02:19 PM

Question: How can i do the following with VG:
The User can log in with their new ID and PW and make changes to some fields of the DB without gaining access to folders or files and other fields or records.

Visual Guard does not act directly on the database.
VG allows creating permissions on applications written in C# or VB.Net.
You can indirectly control access to the database.
Lets take an example:
You have a C# app. This C# app displays some information from your DB in field A.
You can create with VG a permission "right to see field A" and grant this permission to the end users of your choice.
This end user will not have access to other parts of your app, unless you create and give him the corresponding permissions.

Visual Guard .Net also supports access permissions to a file or a web site folder:
You can define in the configuration files of your website which role or user can access a file or folder.
You are then able to manage these roles and users in Visual Guard.

Ultimately, a role will gather permissions like "hide a data" and access to files and folder.

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