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Scalability is important. How well does the VISUAL GUARD scale?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 21 August 2013 03:03 PM

How well does the VISUAL GUARD scale?

Visual Guard has been designed to support a large volume of registered and concurrent users.

•     In the case of an MVC application, you basically don't have to change your infrastructure to run Visual Guard, whatever the number of users. If your application can handle it, so does Visual Guard.

•     VG will add a set of tables to your DB, and a few .NET assemblies to your application.

•     To support large volumes of users, you would typically configure a DB cluster that VG will leverage to manage the security information.

•     Your application may also require a farm of application servers with a load balancer, that VG will support without any problem.

•     VG manages several levels of cache, to minimize the accesses to the Security DB.

For instance, when a user logs in to the application, his security profile is retrieved once and saved in memory by Visual Guard for future use.

•     VG also caches shared information whenever needed. For example, if several users are granted the same role, the description of this role is retrieved only once and applied to all related users.

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