How Novalys helps you to evaluate Visual Guard?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 21 August 2013 05:28 PM

1 - Visual Guard is a modular and flexible solution that can be:

  • Implemented as a ready-to-use system
  • Used as a security Framework to build a custom access control system.
    It has been designed to comply with most technical and functional requirements.

2 - By default, we go through a standard process to assist projects in the evaluation and validation of Visual Guard.
We can follow this process for your application, unless you prefer to proceed otherwise.

  1. You can consider this discussion as a first step to design the right system upon your context.
  2. Then, we could arrange a conference call, to review the suggestions and questions raised at this point.
  3. Finally, we assist you to develop a simple prototype, based on a sample code reproducing your targeted architecture, and secured by Visual Guard.
    This prototype will be used as a proof-of-concept, as well as a template for the developers that will implement Access Control in the application.
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