Continuous Integration for PowerBuilder

Increase Agility, Productivity, and Security

With Continuous Integration developers can merge their work several times a day, then automatically generate and check a new build.

Learn about the key concepts behins Continuous Integration, and how to implement it for PowerBuilder apps, including code inspection and testing.

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Continuous integration (CI) consists of integrating changes made to the code of a software project continuously, to detect and fix any errors immediately.

All developers working copies are merged severat times a day to a centralized version, hosted in a shared repository.

Each code update is automatically checked and, if accepted, can be deployed to production. Automating deployments leads to continuous delivery (CD), a frequent extension of continuous integration.

Ultimately, a CI/CD workflow will increase the agility and productivity of your development team while ensuring code quality and security.

Continuous Integration Workflow

How to Implement Continuous Integration for PowerBuilder including code inspection and testing.