Do roles of WindowsPrincipal add to roles from VGPrincipal
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 26 August 2010 05:12 PM

Are the roles for the WindowsPrincipal for a user added to the roles in the constructed VGPrincipal when you call Load?
Here's a scenario:
Suppose Alice at the xxx company, xxx\Alice, logs in.
She is a member of a Windows Group named xxx\CRM-ApplicationUser.

I have set up a Visual Guard user called VG-CRM-ApplicationUser that is given a VG role called VG-CRM-ApplicationUserRole,

I've associated the Windows Group xxx\CRM-ApplicationUser with VG-CRM-ApplicationUser.

If xxx\Alice logs in to an application, will VGPrincipal.IsInRole (or Roles.IsInRole) return true for "xxx\CRM-ApplicationUser" in addition to

Based on your scenario, we do confirm that:

· When xxx\Alice logs in to the application, VGPrincipal.IsInRole will return true for "xxx\CRM-ApplicationUser" in addition to "VG-CRM-ApplicationUserRole".

· Any other Windows account added by the AD administrator to the Windows Group xxx\CRM-ApplicationUser will automatically be related to the role VG-CRM-ApplicationUserRole, although Visual Guard does not know these other Windows accounts.

· This is under the condition that the VG Property "IncludeWindowsGroups" is true. You can read more about this property at:

Visual Guard

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