One User / several roles?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 26 August 2010 05:26 PM

1rst question: Is it possible to have one user with different roles according the applications he is accessing ?

A user may have different roles.
You can define which role a user will be allowed to use in application 1 or application 2.
Visual Guard .Net allows you to define specific roles for each application.
The user may access application 1 with role x and then access application 2 with role y with the same log in.

Visual Guard .Net offers also the possibility to :
- Create shared roles (available for all the applications declared in a given repository). It means when the same role is shared by several applications, this role needs to be granted to a user once for all these applications.
- Let the user select a role in a list (see example in our Sample with user Jsmith).

Visual Guard


2nd question : And is it possible grant several roles to the same user without using a pop-up form to select the roles?

By default, this is what happens in Visual Guard. If a user has several roles, he is given the corresponding permissions when he enters the application. The permissions of all his roles will be applied to him.
You may also define by program the roles to be used in the application (for example if the user has both “administrator” and “salesman” roles, then the program can decide to activate the administrator role).
if you want you can grant several roles to the same user, and have him choose between them when entering the application. ( this is what we do in the sample application)

Visual Guard

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