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Impose a quota for the size of the auditing information?
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 26 August 2010 05:36 PM

1rst question: Can you impose a quota for the size of the auditing information?

Visual Guard does not include this feature yet.
However, you can directly access the log table (VG_LOG) from your application.
We left the data in this table clearly visible on purpose,
so that VG users can access or remove some records whenever they need.For instance, you can stop logging or partially clean-up this table when a given quota is reached.
This would be done by your own code in your application.

Visual Guard .NET

2nd question: Ok so how much will the auditing information grow over time for:

* Standard audit logging configuration?
* Verbose audit logging configuration?

Actually, it's difficult to evaluate
1 - You can turn on/off the auditing feature in VG Console
(this feature keeps track of who did what in the Console).
But this is not where most of the volume comes from.
As mentioned above, if you declare 5000 Users, you can expect the repository to increase by ~5 MB

2 - When it comes to audit your application,
you will add a few instructions in each event you want to log in VG repository.
It's not just a binary on/off situation anymore.
The number of logged events may widely vary from 1 application to another.
Then you have to multiply the number of events by the number of user and the number of transactions they make...
Bottom line, only the experience will give you an accurate evaluation of the size of your log for each application.
At this point, you will probably want to adjust the number of events you log, or the capacity of your dabatase...

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