How Visual Guard federates different types of users
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 21 August 2013 03:39 PM

Imagine an application where you can log in with you facebook account, and then jump to another website that belongs to another company without providing your credentials again, but still be properly identified, with all your operations traced, logged, and visible via a web UI designed for non-technical auditors.

Some large ISV request the possibility to let customers re-use their own Windows accounts when using a SaaS application, although the customer Active Directory is obviously not located on the same network that the ISV SaaS application.

Others want to let visitors create their account by themselves and get automatically a default role.

Others want to grant a user an authorisation (CanCreateInvoice for instance), and all applications developed in any technology, hosted in several independant networks would immediately and automatically reflect this new authorization (Imagine a PB client/server + PB/Web + PB/Mobile + .NET + Java applications automatically synchronized for permission management, whereas it requires today separate systems, administrators, and procedures), and a lot more...

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