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Option “Deploy parameters of the repository”
Posted by z Jean-jacques Jouanneaux on 23 August 2010 03:53 PM

What happens exactly if I deploy a repository with the option “Deploy parameters of the repository” ?

The various options of the deployment feature aim at giving more flexibility to manage security information life cycle.
When you deploy a security information (permission, role, other), the existing information is deleted.

The option "Deploy repository" is often used at the beginning of the life cycle to deploy for the first time all the information created in the development environment into the production environment.
In this case, the target repository (production) is empty. Their is no risk at performing a global copy/past.

The option "Deploy application" is used during the life of the application.
It allows deploying only the information stored at the application level: application roles, permissions sets, permissions, technical actions.

However, the information stored at repository level: user accounts and shared roles are not impacted by this kind of deployment.
When the technical team updates the security, they can deploy the new version of the security without deleting the data managed daily by business administrators (the user accounts and the link between user account and role).

The option “Deploy parameters of the repository” allows deploying only the paramètres parameters of the repository without impacting the rest of the security data.
For example, it allows updating the password policy without impacting user accounts.

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