How to Configure OnFinish
Posted by Brian Le Suer on 05 August 2019 04:52 PM

Returning the Target Application to the Base State

The ‘start’ and ‘finish’ phases are essential components of an automated testing project. The ‘start’ phase defines what occurs before a test is run. The finish phase defines what occurs after.

AscentialTest is designed so that each test automatically has a start and finish phase. The start phase is mostly generated for the user through the App State wizards. The finish phase is left to the user. Recently we’ve discovered that many users are unaware of mechanics of the finish phase, so we decided to communicate best practices around the topic. This paper explains our intentions in designing the ‘Test’ class and how we envision the ‘OnFinish’ to be configured.

 configuring onfinish.pdf (215.04 KB)
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