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Does the VG Web Console interact with the VG Win Console? If I make changes or create users in the VG Web Console, will the changes be replicated in the VG Win Console?The VG Win and Web consoles are two user interfaces allowing to manage the same data in one given repository. Even if you go through two different tools, you will still modify a unique set of data. So there is no mechanism of replication or synchronization. That would work the same way if you create your own user interface calling the API. V...
We don’t want the customers to have access to Visual Guard .Net console. How can we manage this situation?You can develop your own administration form that will call Visual Guard .Net API. This API provides some of the Visual Guard .Net console features without using the console itself. For example you can add/remove/unblock user accounts, grant/revoke roles to users, add/remove roles and grant/revoke permission sets to roles. If you would like your customers to see only the users of their own company, wh...
Can we define which applications a (remote/local) system administrator is allowed to grant permissions to?Yes, it is possible to define which DotNet application can be accessed and managed by an administrator.
What mean the different colors of the users in the VG Console?The users in yellow means that the account is an Administrator account, and that he is able to connect the VG Console. The others can't.
Can the Visual Guard .Net console be locked down so that users can only have access to assigning users to roles?By default, the console provides you with several roles. For example, the role "user administrator" or "restricted user administrator". Visual Guard .Net allows you to manage users and roles from your application with the API. You can then select exactly the features you want to grant to users.
How is localization handled for the console? What languages does it come in? What about the login screen?Visual Guard .Net Console includes a localization mechanism. For the moment the console is available in French and in English, including the login window of the console (in French and English. For other languages, an example is provided in the sample).
It seems that while the code handles WPF/XBAP, the login screen is still a WinForm or ASP. Are there plans for WPF/XBAP versions?We do plan to have a login window in WPF. However, most of the time, our customers copy the VG connection code in their own login form. [url] ... PI-how-to- documentation/IntegrateVisualGuard(winform).htm[/url]
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