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Which profile information can we change without loosing any roles or privileges assigned to that user? How do the changes impact the event log? All user attributes - except the user logon - can be changed without loosing user roles, privileges, or the history of the user activity logged in the VG repository for auditing purposes.  Visual Guard - Version 3.1.912.08 - TBR
Is it possible to temporarily block a user account?For user name/ password users, there is a boolean value "locked". If set to true the user will not be able to log in to the system. The user still appears in the user list, and can be granted roles. Blocking Windows accounts is done by the Windows Admin with the AD console. Visual Guard - Version 3.1.912.08 - TBR
Is it possible to create new users by code (not by the VG console application!)?Yes, VG provides an extended API to manage users, roles, ... by code You can find a detailed documentation about this API at: ... mentation/
QUESTION : I am working on an application now that has a fixed set of permissions. Items like "Add Property", "Edit Property", "Add Contact", etc The application itself is partitioned by divisions within our company: "USA", "Managed", "Panama", etc When the user logs in, he selects which division he will working in. Based on the division selected, his roles (permission sets) could be different. E.g. in "USA" he might be "Property Admin" with edit rights to properties, but in "Panama" he has read only a...
VG functionally meets SAAS requirments However it is necessary to specify the technical details to ensure that VISUAL GUARD can be used. 1 Your setup is a what we call security Multi-Tenants with the delegation of administration rights of users to the client. see page of our site that addresses this topic: [1] 2...
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