PowerBuilder Assistance

The easiest way to get help from PB experts when developing with PowerBuilder Classic

The Novalys PowerBuilder Assistance Plan comprises of an affordable yearly flat fee and is based on the number of named contacts authorized to open support tickets.

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The Novalys PowerBuilder Assistance is a service delivered by PB experts to assist developers using PowerBuilder

Subscribers can open support tickets in the Novalys Helpdesk.

Depending on the nature of the question, our experts may help by email, phone or web meetings.

The Novalys PowerBuilder Assistance covers all questions related to PB classic.


Below are some examples of topics our PowerBuilder Experts will be able to help you with:

  • Migration to a newer version of PowerBuilder
    • How to migrate your code?
    • Which new features are available within the new version?
    • How to use them?
  • Moving parts of your application to C# REST APIs
  • Moving parts of your code to C++ DLLs (for performance and enhancements)
  • Deploying your application to PowerServer
  • Working with XML files
  • Working with PDF files
  • Using source control systems with PowerBuilder
  • Using ORCA and automating build procedures
  • And more…


  • It includes technical support services only, and does not offer access to newer versions of PowerBuilder. Software updates are accessible by purchasing Appeon PowerBuilder maintenance.
  • The support is not delivered by Appeon engineers, but a team of Novalys PB-experts, independent from Appeon.
  • When answering your question, we will provide the appropriate solution or technique if available. If this ends up being a PB bug, we will still try to help by suggesting a workaround or a 3rd party tool. In some (rare) cases, there may simply be no solution. In all cases, we will report the bug to Appeon. Only they can fix bugs within PowerBuilder.