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An effective approach to bring PowerBuilder Skills and Applications to the next level

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Leverage the Appeon Roadmap

  • PB 2019 contains several new tools and a new editor (SnapDevelop), to create a Web API in a RAD approach:
    • Datawindow Converter, to convert Datawindows to C#
    • Template projects o Scaffolding, to generate template code in an automatic and configurable way
    • Web API tester
    Even though this is not an automatic migration, it’s very easy to use these tools to port business logic to C#
  • PB business logic (datawindows, data manipulation logic, embedded SQL), the core part of every PB application, can be migrated to a Web API with .Net Core, multi-platform and server-side. Now, with the PowerScript Migrator, it’s easy to convert PowerScript to C#!

Effective Approach

  • You migrate the PB business logic (with our help and with PowerScript Migrator support)
  • We rewrite the UI that will call this newly migrated PB business logic
  • You control the progress of the migration:
    • Agile Project Management and Development services
    • UI specifications approved by you

Specifically created for PowerBuilder

  • Consulting, training, mentoring services, and reusable components specifically designed for PowerBuilder customers, to help them migrate to a new and modern architecture

Finally, the UI end-users are waiting for

  • Our technology stack allows us to create the UI of your dreams:
    Browser, Mobile, Mac, Multi-platform desktop cloud
  • Not only for a full migration: you can redesign a specific subset (e.g.: Mobile module, a Browser-based module and so on)

The PB Open Program

3 phases: Assess, Evaluate, Migrate


  • On-site consultancy to assess the application, the environment, the structure, the framework, the skills
  • Definition of a pilot implementation (smallest interesting subset to be migrated)
  • UI requirement specification for a pilot implementation
  • Migrate the first subset of PB business logic as Web API, based on the pilot implementation


  • Evaluate the effort to:
    • Build the pilot implementation
    • Train the PB development team to Web API migration
    • Mentor and support the PB development team
  • Upon approval: we rewrite the UI, according the specifications and linked to the Web API


  • Select a subset of the application (e.g.: a module, or a specific target, like the Mobile app, or a browser-based app)
  • Specify the new UI requirements and evaluate the UI rewriting effort (requires your approval)
  • Migrate and convert the PB business logic (with our support) while we rewrite the UI

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Different from a standard migration approach

Topic PB Open Program Traditional approach
Migration approach Step-by-step migration of business logic, no code duplication, front-end rewriting Depends on provider, but likely to have duplicated business logic until the migration is completed
Customer/provider collaboration Customer migrates and controls the business logic, and is involved in the process. Provider rewrites the UI planned by the customer Customer specifies requirements, provider executes
Resulting business logic code C# .Net Core, but coded in PB Style and with Appeon framework (SnapObjects) Another technology
Who migrates the business logic Customer Provider
Who tests the business logic Customer Provider and customer
Who maintains the business logic Customer Provider
Role of PB developers during migration Migrating the business logic, specifying the UI requirements Specifying the requirements
Role of PB developers after migration Maintaining the business logic, specifying the UI requirements changes -
UI Technology Customer chooses from a wide list, and includes Web, Mobile, Desktop-cloud, Multi-platform Depends on provider
Architecture Web API Depends on provider
Skill improvement for PB developers C# .Net Core -
Who migrates the UI Customer and/or Provider Provider
Who tests the UI Provider and Customer Provider and customer
Who maintains the UI Customer and/or Provider Provider

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